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The Katsina State Science and Technical Education Board was established in 1991 with sole aim of providing Science and Technical Education in the State. The idea to establish the Board was started immediately after the creation of Katsina state in 1987. Government noted with great concern, in inability of the state to fill its quota in the fields of Science and Technology in higher institutions in the country. this situation prompted the creation of the Board. At the initial stage the Board started with seven schools and having noted the achievement recorded by the Board over the years. Government approved the addition of more schools thus making a total number of eighteen schools under the management of the Board.


Katsina State is lagging behind in terms of qualified Doctors, Pharmacists, Engineers and Science Teachers. The vision of the Board is to see that these personnel are produced in large numbers so as to be able to meet the manpower need for the state and the country at the same time.


The objective behind setting up the Board is to promote Science and Technical Education in the State. The state realized that it could not fill its quota in the science related areas in the country so this prompted the establishment of the Board. Through the Board the state could be able to get qualified candidates to fill its quota in higher institutions i the country.


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